Marija Miloshevska  independent artist and jewelry designer

more info: www.mmarija.com.mk


ORO Workshop is legally registered private company for production and distribution of jewelry and art work
All artifacts designed and distributed through the company hold a declaration about the unique character and material composition
Every item containing precious metal carries a quality stamp issued by the Bureau of Metrology of the Republic of Macedonia


ORO Workshop was initially envisaged as a private filigree workshop for market placement of filigree design. Since then, the company has emerged as a platform for promoting commercial and non-commercial crafts and arts with focus on music.
Our main activity is filigree based jewelry design followed by various applied design, art performances and exhibitions.
Our artifacts use both organic and non-organic materials including: precious & semi-precious metals and gems, leather, textile, wood, silicone, plastic etc.
Our techniques include: filigree, metal work, wood carving, sculpture, installation, performance, art photography, fashion design, etc.


Our main objective is promotion of the traditional filigree craft in synergy with contemporary art and design. We are open for cooperation with fellow artists as well as with all individuals and companies from the public and the private sector who share interest in creative encounters.
Sale: The artifacts may be selected from the catalog or ordered by specification. Orders may also include tailor-made souvenirs and representative material
A presentation of currently available artifacts, design process and catalogues may be performed upon request
We seek partners for cooperation and participation in various art & craft events.

Events & publications:

May 2017

Exhibition “МАкедонскаМушичКА” -MAMKA, conceptual artificial fly filigree jewelry, Festival for creative industries “Skopje Kreativa” MKC, Skopje, Macedonia

March 2017

Conceptual  exhibition “Golden Line”, Fashion and lifestyle expo, MOB, Skopje, Macedonia

November 2016

Conceptual exhibition , filigree jewelry “Installation Demonstration”, Ethnographic museum – Manak’s House, Belgrade, Serbia

October – December 2016

Conceptual filigree exhibition “Piece of Krisis”, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, UK

October 2016  

“Piece of Krisis” Performance with filigree technique in Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, UK (in cooperation with Something Human, UK)

September 2015

MOVE WITH(OUT) I’m …Skopje” performance with filigree technique in cooperation with Something Human, UK

July 2015

Award design for: A lifetime achievement award is conferred to Mr. David Bowie for achieving excellence in art and music, as well as for his lasting contribution to world culture. Skopje Cinema City

April 2015 

“Tradition in a modern form of filigree work” -workshop for filigree technique, Info center SKUC, Ljubljana, Slovenia

February 2015
Design of 3rd award for 9th edition of DORF festival, Vinkovci, Croatia

December 2014
Design and Production of unique Macedonian souvenir ARTificial FLY MACEDONIAn souvenir, Skopje 2014

October-December 2014
Organizing and researching of practical workshops for using internet symbols CODE YOUR SELF Skopje, Macedonia

 September 2014
Participation on Skopje Design Week, Skopje, Macedonia

September 2014
Charity auction with fine and unique handcraft, Toronto, Canada

 August 2014
Participation on SPFF with “Silver song”, Starigrad, Croatia

July 2014
Organizing and teaching theoretical and practical workshops Traditional arts and crafts cross board projects, IPA foundation, Strumica, Macedonia

May 2014  
Exhibition and promotion of filigree jewelry, Museumsscheune, Kirchheim, Germany

March 2014  
Design of Award for Best Documentary Rock film on DORF festival, Vinkovci, Croatia

November 2013
Design of Award for best collection on Skopje Fashion Week, Skopje, Macedonia

Sep.-Dec. 2013
Organizing and teaching theoretical and practical workshops on creative industries

June 2013 
Organizing the Macedonian premiere of documentary short film Silver Song, ORO workshop production, MakeDox-Film festival creative documentary, Skopje, Macedonia

April 2013
Designing the Best Actor, Best Performance and Best Direction Award for 6th International Theater festival Faces without masks, Skopje, Macedonia

March 2013
World Premiere of Short Documentary Film Silver Song, ORO Workshop production, DORF Festival, Vinkovci, Croatia

March 2013 
Design of Award for Best Documentary Rock film on DORF festival, Vinkovci, Croatia

August 2013
Solo Exhibition, photography and jewelry, Bosh Festival 4, Gevgelija, Macedonia

September 2013
OROcanROLL filigree art performance, AU Club, Vienna, Austria

June 2013 Filigree making performance and jewelry exhibition, EVN forum, Vienna, Austria

– September 2012. “OROcanROLL”- filigree art performance, AU Club, Vienna, Austria

– August 2012, Solo exhibition, Bosh Festival 4, Gevgelija, Macedonia

– June 2012. Filigree making performance and jewelry exhibition, EVN forum, Vienna, Austria
– June 2012. Filigree making art performance III, City Park, Skopje, Macedonia
– March 2012, Solo Exhibition art photography and jewelry, DORF (Festival of Documentary Rock film), Rijeka, Croatia
– March 2012, Solo Exhibition – art photography and jewelry, IPC Gallery, Sarajevo, BIH
– October 2011- May 2012. Management and permanent exhibition, Jantar Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia
– October 2011. Solo exhibition and filigree art performance II, Galerija 8 – Bezisten, Skopje, Macedonia
– September 2011. Cooperative exhibition – with jewelry, Skopje Design Week, Kurshumli An, Skopje, Macedonia
– March/April 2011. Solo exhibition OROROCK silver string melted in hot rhythm – art photography and jewelry, KIC Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia
– November 2010. Filigree making art performance I, Centre for Culture, Struga, Macedonia
-October 2010, Group Exhibition of Filigree Jewelry, Art in miniature as a part of WHITE NIGHT Kurshumli An, Skopje, Macedonia
-July 2010, Exhibition of Filigree Jewelry , Gallery Pero, Belgrade, Serbia
-May 2010, ORO Workshop Live in CK Group Exhibition in culture center CK, Skopje, Macedonia
-September 2009, XIV Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean, Skopje, Macedonia
-November 2008, Annual Crafts Bazaar, Skopje, Macedonia (exhibited filigree jewelry)
-December 2006, Annual Crafts Bazaar, Skopje, Macedonia (exhibited wooden decorations)
-November 2006, Young Artists Fair, Skopje, Macedonia (product design competition)
-November 2005, Group Exhibition of Filigree Jewelry, TOCKA, Skopje, Macedonia

Satisfied clients:

Letter’s from costumer:

Dear Ms. Milosevska

I am Marianne’s daughter who just contacted you.

I just want to let you know that I love the unique earring with the butterfly which you crafted last year.

As I am very sensitive I have the sensation of a very strong protectional energy while I wear your earring.

Do you work with a special kind of energy?

I love your work.

I wish you a lot of joy and success with your beautiful work.

Kind regards


I commissioned my first piece of exquisite jewellery from Oro Workshop in 2013(?). It was a multi-function brooch/necklace crafted from silver and amber which, from the moment I saw it, was immensely special for very personal reasons. I must say that this piece could not have been more perfect for me, representing things that were, at that time, unknown to Marija, the designer/artist. 

Of course, I now have many other pieces! Oro Workshop continues to tempt me in with such an amazing range of beautiful items. From my collection, it would be impossible to choose a favourite, as each one feels different and brings its own unique characteristic energy! 

Without doubt there is created within this workshop, something very special indeed and you will feel it for yourself as soon as you see and experience your own piece.

It’s not only fine jewellery; it’s Macedonian magic!

Sand Prestley